Making it happen

Discussion created by SheriU on Jul 25, 2018
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Well here I am at 81 days and am shocked. I truly wondered if I would make it 8 hours and am amazed at myself that 81 days has passed.  It's hard but I take one day at a time... Some times 5 minutes at a time.  Whatever I need to for the moment to pass.  It's so odd to me when someone asks about my smoking i say, "i think I quit" or "i'm not smoking right now". I'm so afraid I will slip that  i'm very careful to avoid situations that may want me to want to smoke.  Took my first 3 hour train ride Monday . I'm doing this.... Excited to hit double digits soon.   When I get 100 days i'm saying, "i no longer smoke". Hope everyone has a great week.


Sheri U