The Freedom Train

Discussion created by BonnieBee.quit.2.8.15 on Jul 25, 2018
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I have not been to Ex very much lately and I was sorry to find out that there is no more freedom train ! 

I want to thank all of the conductors who kept the train rolling for so many years !!!

The train really kept me on track (literally !) Especially when I was a newbie it have  me hope when I would see people celebrating 1,000 days or 7 years quit ! Could that really be me someday ?

I am thankful to Ex and the freedom train ! I got to celebrate my 1,000 days aboard that lovely train but even without it now I will keep on rolling along towards another 1,000 days and my 4 years quit !

I Love all of you so much and you Ex -Conductors really Rock !!!