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Today I made it to the 48 hour mark and then just threw that all away. Those first 48 hours went by so easily and then when I woke up this morning I was having a constant battle in my head for hours and I finally let the addiction win. I felt great those first 48 hours and I was even breathing better already. I am using the 21mg patch so I know it want physical cravings, but mental cravings. I tired to prepare myself the best I could and I tried distracting myself all morning, but I wasn't strong enough. 1 cigarette led to smoking 10. I felt like crap after each one. I don't know why I did this to myself if I felt like crap after the first one. The only good news is that I am not giving up and have started over. I didn't even tell my husband that I slip because he would just say I told you so. He quit 9 years ago and it was so easy for him. He doesn't understand how much of a struggle it is for me. He thinks it should be easy for everybody to Quit since it was so easy for him. So frustersting.