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Healing ulcers and halitosis

Question asked by Kbloodless on Jul 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2018 by elvan

I’m experiencing halitosis and ulcers something fierce after quitting. Any tips? I don’t have healthcare and I forgives out a mimosa was enough alchol to have me crying all night on Saturday from pain. So any advice welcome. I won’t be having a mimosa for at least a month or two now. Has anyone experienced this after 10 years smoking.. I think I’m on day 150 or more. Also my 0nicotine vape seemed to agrevate it this weekend as well. I think it’s been like this for months without me realizing hat it really is now without smoking I can really feel what’s going. My fiancé’s really noticed extreme halitosis too so trying to figure out how to manage that too. Thanks


so far I take Kefir, just got Kimchi and sourkraut today, and ate it. Yakalts.