Weight Watchers?

Discussion created by Jennifer-Quit-05-01-14 on Jul 14, 2018
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Hello everyone!  A found this group and was curious if anyone would be interested in sharing dieting tips,  tricks, and recipes.  I joined Weight Watchers a little over 4 weeks ago and have been successful in dropping a few pounds.  I know that JACKIE1-25-15 and rollercoaster831  both belong to WW and have been successful in dropping lbs.    Anyone interested in  healthy eating is encouraged to participate here.   


My best new find of the week is Good Thins Corn and Sea Salt Crackers - for 41 crackers it is only 3 WW points!  They taste a lot like corn chips.  I see a Chili pie in my future - as soon as it cools off a bit.  We hit 100 degrees today so it has been difficult to keep up with my walking program but doing OK with it thanks to the indoor track at our community center.