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The following blog was written by Joni  on the 279 day of her quit.  And that's probably why she has 279 days under her belt.  Because she recognizes the danger zones and does something to ensure her safety. 


Find out where you safety nets are.  And use them.




Low self esteem is a danger zone.


December 17, 2011 by jonilou  



I've had plenty of time( time that used to be spent puffing like a chimney) to think about the triggers and the mental and emotional part of smoking. The old triggers from early in the quit, you know things like- after meals, with morning coffee, talking on the phone, are almost non-existent.


The dangerous times now are the times after an argument or an angry exchange or realizing I've made a serious or stupid mistake. These are the scary times because my self esteem drops to nothing and the old "what would it matter if I died tomorrow" thoughts come floating in. It would be really easy at these times to wallow in the self-pity and self-disgust. It wouldn't be unheard of to allow smoking thoughts to enter my mind. At these times I'm trying to teach myself to pray and remember that I'm a child of God and He loves and accepts me no matter how I may feel about myself at this particular time. This wonderful Christmas gift I have given myself is so much more valuable than anything that happens in a brief moment of pain.


When you feel down and hopeless, remember that you are a gift to this universe, your life has a purpose, you are important to us. Give yourself the best gift ever and quit smoking. NOPE forever!!