I'm Missing My Meow Like You'd Miss A Cigarette

Discussion created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Jul 14, 2018
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      I took Hoggie to the vet this morning for his annual checkup and a rabies shot. Last year they said his kidneys were showing first signs of kidney disease and suggested he go on a renal diet.  He doesn't like the same food days in a row so it's been hit and miss.

      Today they said it was advisable to check to see if there is further damage.

They wanted $189 for just a urine test and $283 for urine and a comprehensive blood panel.which would indicate any irregularities in the liver and other organs 

Problem is they couldn't get any urine so I had to leave him. 

You can't do a urine test without any urine.

Why is lab work so expensive?


      Not hearing him when it is so normal and expected is so similar to missing your smoking routine when you've first quit.  I find myself thinking "I wonder where he is?" about every 30 minutes.


      Now I'm starting to worry something is wrong.