Yoga Helps Everything

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~~Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do, not a punishment for what you eat.~~  Unknown


I'm so happy to see this part of Ex   Just wanted to share that I started doing yoga when I quit smoking.  I used to 'dabble' at it here and there as a smoker but quitting actually helped me focus on truly understanding yoga and doing it well. 

Yoga is not just different poses.  It is not just for the flexible.  It is not just for the young.

Yoga is a way of life!  It is breathing, it is balance, it is focus.  It can be flowing or standing or seated or gentle. 

I encourage everyone to find a class nearby or even do it at home.  I used YouTube to find some channels I liked and just tried everything   Now I do my yoga every morning and some evenings as well, depending on my stress level.  It helps keep me calm, centered, and ok during life's challenges!