Getting a win out of losing

Discussion created by Darksheila0622 on Jul 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2018 by elvan

So this week has been terrible.  I mean everyone has bad days, but this week as been the worst.  Murphy brought the entire family of mayham to my family.  You name it, it happened. Though all of this losses there are a couple of wins out this. One is I enjoyed the fireworks with my family.  Friends of ours invited us to watch the fireworks with them from his job.  We were close enough that we could see the fireworks shooting from the ground, it was awesome.  I really needed a pick me up from the week I was having.  The second win was both of my friends smoke, that fine I have never will had a craving or a desire to smoke after about two years of my quit, but this week temptations was there.  In the end I did not give temptations the satisfaction of lighting another cigarette.  This week may be hell, but it will be hell with out a cigarette.  Win for me.  Life has a way of sucker punching you and waiting to see what you will do.  Yesterday, I stood up and said I will get thought this and with out a smoke.  I must maintain my quit.