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Hello Ex Family,

I am so sorry to say that I fell off that wagon a few months ago.

I am trying to get back up. I don't think I stopped more than a day each time I tried.

I am going to be here a lot and realize this is the only way I can do it.

I am going back on Chantix but at a very light does since I had such a bad experience.

But it seemed to be the only thing that worked so far.

I have been using the patch, but my mind out wits me every time.  I take it off after work and smoke.

If I can get through the day, it means my mind is telling me it's ok you did good, so you can smoke during the evenings. I don't want to do that.


My Dr told me on Friday that I have mild emphysema shown up on my CT scan.

So no matter what it takes, it's a now or never quit.


Thank you for what ever advice you can give me.
I am new here really.