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Log in Dates are Wrong, how to Correct it?

Question asked by Giulia Champion on Jun 23, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2019 by Giulia

It's currently 10:55 pm on June 23, 2018.  Yet when I go to this person's page it show up as...



Our quit dates that show up when we hover over an avatar are off by a day.  In the case of avatars, it's a day behind.  In this person's case with their last noted log in it's a day ahead.  (Complete opposite)  Jive really needs to do something (I'm assuming it's a Jive problem and not an EX program problem)  to solve the date issue. If it's an EX problem, then that needs to be solved also.  Because 1) if you're trying to keep track of someone's quit date, it's important to know the actual date when hovering over their avatar.  2)  "Last Logged In" information is important for those of us who are trying to keep tabs on the quitters here and when we have or haven't seen them last.  It's important to know if someone hasn't shown up for a while.  But when go to their page and it says their last log in is tomorrow???  That's not helpful to those of us in support mode trying to keep tabs on new quitters.  


I think normally this isn't important for the majority of site members.  But for those of us who are responsible for the Freedom Train and who are extremely active, caring members,  the last log in date IS important.  


Just saying.