Discussion created by Giulia Champion on Sep 22, 2011

This from Tommy:


"There have been a couple of time recently where peoples message boards have disappeared! This is not being done by anyone with malicious intent! It seem that there is one, or more graphics sites out there that are incompatable with our message boards!

Soooooo, If your message board disappears, go to your message board by linking from an e-mail! Delete graphics until your message board comes back! Then notifly the person that sent the offending graphic(In a nice way) that they are using a bad place to get said graphics! No need to be angry or upset. This is merely a by-product of the advanced technology that we have!

It you are a person that sends graphics, before you send them to muliple pages, test it on a friends page! If their message board goes away, send them a PM and let them know what happened!

This is not a major disaster! But I have to admit I looked around for the "Panic Button" myself when it first happened to me! Fortunately, I did not push it! Be kind to one another! Save all your anger, and frustration, for the next Ruckus!

This message was brought to you without commercial interuption by: The Freedom Train! "IF YOU ARE NOT RIDING WITH US, YOU ARE MISSING THE TRAIN"                        Tommy"