To All Affected By The Euro Internet Restrictions: GDPR

Discussion created by JonesCarpeDiem on Jun 22, 2018
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      The only workaround I know of at this time is a virtual private network.

There are many



      I'm paying about $3.33 a month.

One good point is, it can be used on up to 3 devices at the same time.

Some VPN's let you use it on up to 6 devices.


      That means, if you have friends or family in the same predicament, you could share the cost.

      For my plan that would work out to $13.50 a year per person.


      They wanted automatic renewal but I was able to pay for a year with paypal and not be forced into automatic renewal or giving them my credit card number.


      Once it's on your device, it loads automatically and you don't need to log in every time.

      You can choose which country you want to be seen as coming from and it will remember that also.