Quit date of July, 5, 2018

Discussion created by Smedley995 on Jun 21, 2018
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Looking for people that have a date near mine to quit. I would like people for morale support. People that maybe have started and have some enlightening advice. I set my date but what now. Should I slowly start cutting down until that day? When do I start the preparation? When do I clean my car? lol. So many things running through my head. I want and have to do this. I sit back on a daily watching my dad with his oxygen tank due to COPD Exasperation and think how stupid I am for smoking. He quit but quit too late. I don't want to go through what he goes through and can already relate to him in a way due to the fact I get out of breath just sitting here pecking away at the keys. Looking for new friends so anyone interested add me, msg me, and lets hold each other accountable.Find a Quit Buddy