An Amazing Start

Discussion created by Lescoo on Jun 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2018 by Elizabethrocksthehair

Hello Fellow Exers.  I am now 3 days Quit and hope that qualifies me to join your ranks. The first 3 days nicotine free have been much easier than I thought, and full of rewards. Rather than cravings, I have had some fleeting thoughts of smoking which my brain seems able to immediately extinguish. Over the past few days i have been able to give my family members the undivided (by the need to smoke) attention they deserve.... and i love it!  Today I spent 3 hrs at a social event and had 20 min conversations with at least 4 new people! I was able to interact with these people easily without my attention being focused on how I might slip away to sneak a smoke.  I also provided someone with a ride, something I would not ordinarily do since the inside of my car has always looked and smelled like an ashtray.  I so want this to be my new reality, but I hear-say that I will now be moving on to two weeks of withdrawal hell. I aim to really keep my guard up and hope the delight in the many joys of being smoke free may help me through rough patches, along with your guidance and support.