Who has gained 30 pounds?

Discussion created by Kristih78 on Jun 18, 2018
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Oh my, I quit smoking February 15th , I dont have cravings I honestly never want to smoke again. The problem is I was working out ,on a strict diet since the moment I stopped smoking 4 months later I have gained 30 pounds . I feel doomed , I feel like I am being punished for quitting smoking. I was losing weight at first ,but it just came to a stand still after 10 pounds lost. Yes ,I ate junk just like I did before I quit smoking but was able to lose 23 pounds because I was strict most of the time but if i eat junk now  i gain 5 pounds even though I'm very strict  . Who has had this problem? Does anyone know how long it takes for your body to regulate. Quit smoking ,you can do it is what everyone says ,but what about the support for the effects of quitting , gaining weight has depressed me to the point of crying and not wanting to leave the house  falling into a depression that I just cant get out of ,does anyone else feel this way? The only difference I feel from quitting smoking is a big fat body that I am stuck with . Although I'm sure there are benefits I just dont see them right now. Please know this is not a reason to start smoking again and I know that and have no plans to start again, I just need to resolve this weight thing so I can be proud of quitting ,at this point, I'm not all.Sorry to be so negative, these are real feelings that I have been having and any advice would be greatly appreciated.