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Discussion created by Giulia Champion on Jun 17, 2018
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Had our first serving of Pesto!!!!  We usually plant much too much Basil.  Planted 3 store bought plants and put in seeds. Basil is really easy to grow from seeds.  But only four plants grew from seeds this time around.  Usually we have an entire 20' row of basil plants.  Much too dry here.  So I'll put in some more seeds.  BUT there were still enough leaves to make our first batch!  It's such an amazing color when it's being processed.  You can also freeze it, I discovered.  And it's a REAL TREAT in the middle of winter, let me tell you!



Zucchini is doing fantastic.  Trouble is - Zucchini is so boring to eat!  Sorry dear Zucchini, but I have yet to find a recipe that's mouth watering with you.  Except the Zucchini cake recipe.  And fritter frying the flowers.  That's a taste delight delicacy like no other!




The Mesclun lettuce is also doing great.  For you crop gardeners out there, if you want to add some spice to your salads, I highly recommend it.  It's a combo of different spicy greens like from the Cress family, etc.  Really perks up a salad.  



Aside from those treats the day lilies are all in bloom here.  This one is truly amazing.  Looks like God took a paintbrush, dipped it in a bit of red and ran his thumb and forefinger across it in a flick to splatter some on the white central part.  I couldn't quite capture it in focus with my 5 pixel camera that's on it's way out but you get the idea.