Discussion created by Lescoo on Jun 11, 2018
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My quit date is a week off (June 19) based on having begun Zyban on June 5.  I am stunned that at this point I don't want to smoke (in my mind) but the urges are relentless (in my brain). I get literally nervous and scattered when I try to resist lighting up in an effort to simply scale down prior to next weeks quit. I currently smoke 2 pks a day. Many thoughts have crossed my mind on how I can best cope with nicotine withdrawal, including the possibility of using a patch as well come my quit date. Although it has been said that nicotine cravings last only a couple of minutes, mine do not. They go on and on.  I am also considering begining the patch now in place of cigarettes, reasoning that if I really don't want to physcally smoke, I can at least lay to rest the "going thru the motions" aspects of smoking so I have only the nicotine withdrawal aspect to deal with next week. At the moment, I feel like I am in some kind of smoking purgatory. I feel quite desperate to put an end to the smoking, and don't know if I can make it a week being neither here nor there. As I write, I am seeing that i may be more ready than I thought to move my quit up. Waiting a week seems to be prolonging the inevitable, because I AM going to QUIT! Thoughts?