Beware Medical Interventions

Discussion created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Jun 10, 2018
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These last years I have had minor surgeries from cataract removal to colonoscopies to teeth extractions. Every single one of them have been complicated by COPD. That's because COPD has a constant inflammation. In my case, I have a constant overflow of phlegm, And as many of us, I have comorbid anxiety. 

I've had many surgeries in my lifetime from getting my tonsils removed to repaired damaged veins and so on and so on. But surgeries these days, even simple oral extractions become complicated by advanced COPD. It's very important that the surgical team understand and take precautions for that but some surgeons have not been or barely been trained in cross effects of COPD with their GI, or ENT, or Dental, or whatever. 

Be aware - be your First and Most Important - very vocal - Advocate! Make it clear to the specialist that COPD does create complications of every surgery from an ACL to heart surgery.

My recent extraction caused unexpected inflammation and severe pain. The temporary denture did not take into account the degree of swelling that was inevitable. All anesthesias suppress respiration which can cause (in me)severe coughing spasms which lead to biting hard and a quaking of my entire lower face. Extreme anxiety response is inevitable. Not all pain medications work the same for me. I was given Norco and OTC ibuprofen to relieve pain and swelling. In me that caused severe tinnitus and headaches which caused more pain and mouth spasms adding to more pain adding to more spasms......

Only a dental surgeon with training and experience in COPD could have anticipated this reaction.

IT cost me 3 days of unpaid leave and an inability to do more than the very basics of daily business.

Today is day 5 and I'm still very unprepared for every day life.