There is no “TRY”

Discussion created by Lisaml on May 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2018 by patrick9

We have several new quitters! Yay! They all sound like relatively happy quitters so far, so cheers to continuing with that! 

One thing I’ve noticed to be a common thread among all of us, is the use of words like “hope, try, wish...” 

all good words. We need to have hope. We need to try to make today better than yesterday. 

BUT when it comes to quitting smoking, there can be no “try” to quit, or “hope I make it”. 

Believe me, I do it too. But, together, we need to get rid of that thinking. 

Smoking is incompatible with a long and healthy life. 

Let that sink in. We are “trying” to eliminate something that is literally incompatible with the life we want. Nah. We can do better. Take smoking off the table. Out of the equation. Smoking is NOT an option. 

Removing options that are facilitated by words such as “hope, try...” will cause there to be no alternative but to succeed in our shared mission. 

We WILL quit. We have quit. We can TRY to make it a little more pleasant, but that is the only trying allowed. 


Theres no crying in baseball, and there’s no trying in quitting. 



Love and hugs