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New, Need Help Please :)

Question asked by joy14 on Jun 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2018 by princessdeborahd

Help me start? I am so overwhelmed and confused. 

I have made a decision to stop smoking again. I stopped before, for about 3 yrs, but took it up again unfortuneatly due to

too many stressors in my life at that time. Now, at this point, I have been smoking again for 6 yrs. I am 62 years old and

started smoking when I was about 18-19 yrs old.

I have been reading through this site since early this morning and it seems like a wonderful place. So much information, I think I got overly excited and read so much that I am just so confused now where/when to start.

Any advice would be welcome a so appreciated. I really want to do this. 

Do I quit now. Wait 2 weeks until I read everything recommended? Or .....?