First morning

Discussion created by GarrisonCossu on Jun 1, 2018
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The second my eyes open it’s on...the panic and anxiety. This isn’t my first time in this position, and usually what happens at this point is that the addiction takes over and I sabatoge myself into thinking that I didint even want to quit anyways. I am 14 years free from other drugs and alcohol...I mean I quit shooting heroin and smoking crack, but this nicotine....very powerful. I’m 39 years old, type 2 diabetic...I have a seven year old son with autism...and a 16 month old daughter. I watched both my mother and grandfather die from lung cancer. I have seen what that’s all looks like and it frightens me. I also don’t want to leave my children because I let an addiction rule my life. I’m scared and anxious and I really need help through this. Thank you for your time