Happy Safe Memorial Day

Discussion created by Barb102 on May 25, 2018

I wish you all a happy and safe Memorial Day. Let’s remember all of our service men and woman who have given their. Lives for our freedom. Even if we don’t like somethings, because of their sacrifices , we are free to say it and protest. God bless them. God bless all the men  and woman  currently serving to protect our freedom. God bless all of you. Be safe this weekend. It’s another hurdle for us to get through , but we will. We are stronger than we realize. I’m going to watch the drinking , I know it’s a problem. I will be around smokers , but I am armed and ready thanks to all of you and will take my NOPE rock and hit myself in the head,  if I want to smoke. LOL and my Vick’s inhaler and all of you in my heart for support. You have become the family I love and haven’t met. Be Safe and God Bless America. My father was a sergeant in the Marine Corp. He taught me how great this county is. May I just say God bless him !