Weigh in on HRT

Discussion created by Gma_Bernie on May 24, 2018
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Was scanning some old blogs and came across Ellen's post about taking HRT for many years. I can't remember if it was Alan or someone else but they said it was like a blanket lifted from their heads. If there is a chance that HRT could make me feel better and have more energy, I might try it. But I am reluctant to add yet another Med to my growing list. And everything comes with side effects and long-term side effects. Does anybody have any input into this question..? I have never tried HRT because of the breast cancer scare. But I know my mom was on it for many years and she was a very pleasant old woman. I am 64 years old and had a hysterectomy at age 34. But it was a partial, I still have my ovaries. Don't know if they're active at this age though. It stands to reason that they are still governing hormones in my body. And I have a lot of trouble being hot all the time.