Garden planted FINALLY

Discussion created by Mandolinrain on May 24, 2018
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We have had so much rain, it’s been impossible to workin the yard...which as you can see is still not planted. It needs rock hounded yet. And of course, rain in forecast this weekend. Mulch. Well getting to that soon. Yesterday and today I set all the landscape fabric an dput up fence around garden and began planting. I ache everywhere. Advil’s calling my name as well as some zzzzzzzzz’s. I find It takes a bit longer to do things, but I can still do them


below is the veggie garden contained in the fenced area that I installed today


This pic pic below is a new rose I found at Walmart, called the Miranda Lambert Rose. So pretty.


These are below,  also new roses I found for the front. They are a peach colored driftrose. Anxious to see how they do.

Another view of front roses:


Finally heres an an area I am open to suggestions. The ugly pipes pictured below, are vents for the septic. I did paint them gray but I want to plant something in front of them to hide them and it has to be full sun plants that have SHALLOW root system. Any thoughts are welcome


Lastly, below is the front left corner of house that’s next to side where veggie garden is. I am pooped and going to bed!

Enough planting this week. I’m not looking forward to mulching it all, but that’s nexton the agenda.i babysit the twins tomorrow, so will gladly take the day off from the yard.