CHECKING IN..........I'M STILL HERE.........

Discussion created by PRAIRIEROSELADY on May 19, 2018
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Sorry, I can't get here very often right now. Too many projects,helping hubby,all the normal stuff.....Trying to get back into some structured exercise.Not just my work everyday. I've gained 10 lbs. Could be a side effect of my medicine.

Having some troubles with medications and side effects. Wed. it was 91 and Thursday it was 46. That big of drop sends my chronic pain in obit! I've been fighting with depression,side effect of yet another BP med. I don't want to come here and be a Bummer for everyone....... I thought I'd be more excited about hitting day 100...Now it is 103 but,I just wasn't!


As I've been having physical issues,still fighting with fatigue that worsens everyday. The Cardiologist Office called and changed my appt. to June 21 st.  I have to wait even longer to see him now. My lab work was all pretty good. Don't know if, I have new medical issues or all the stuff is coming from a combination of the Quit and Med changes.????????

I just keep plugging away........I'm so slow it takes me all day to get my stuff done,too exhausted by then to go online.



I'm physically struggling with each day...Still running up to dentist,as partial still doesn't fit correctly.....I hope all the gals had a wonderful Mother's Day! Our daughter turned 42 ...She is our youngest.....Our grand-daughter went to her 1st. prom. She just finished the school year. Now she is a Junior in High School. Made both of us feel Really OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Except for basketball camp,she will spend her summer working at the nursing home. She is a Certified Nursing Assistant..... Has some interest in the medical field. Alot can change in the next couple years.


Hope, this next week is better than this past week.............Then,maybe I can get my bases covered???????

Hang in there Everyone!!!! Prairie 103 DOF