I quit smoking. What’s your superpower?

Discussion created by Lisaml on May 18, 2018
Latest reply on May 19, 2018 by marciem

You guys! 

We are really doing it! Someone wrote something today like, “having quit smoking, there’s nothing I cannot do”. 

(Paraphrasing, but it got me thinking...) 


we complain and commiserate a lot. I know I do. We lament and sulk and pitch little fits. We miss smoking, we suffer through the quit, but what if, just WHAT IF..... we recognized the  strength and commitment  we used to quit, as what it really is? It is AMAZING, y’all!  

It is a physiological dependence, a psychological habit, an emotional crutch and the toughest addiction to break. 

And WE are kicking it’s ass.

That’s right!!! How powerful are we, in mind and spirit, to choose to NOT smoke, after we have been so programmed to do so, for many years!! We are seriously tough individuals. Might even go so far to say we are badass!!! :-) 


so even if it’s just for a few minutes today, please smile, flex your muscles and pat yourself on the back. You CAN do this. And truly, as this challenge is tackled, there is literally nothing we cannot do!!! 


Have a a great weekend!!! Xoxo