Health Tech meets the Future!

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One of the most terrific aspects of my job at Comcast is the guy who didn't know what a modem is now reads techy articles! By the way, a modem is the airport and the router is the air traffic control. The info packets that pop on your computer are the airplanes delivering you an awesome slice of the world such as! If that's TMi then just ignore it! It's down right magic, right?


But what is especially exciting for folks who have smoking related illnesses is what IT tech can offer us - not 50 years from now - but coming soon!


The 5 Most Amazing AI Advances in Health Care 


I have great hope for better, faster, treatment protocols for all of the major smoke related killers such as heart disease. diabetes, lung illnesses, cancer, and more.


For example, recently it was discovered that a medication for heart disease may also help some patients with COPD. With IT the question of which patients, at which dosage, under which circumstances could benefit more.


I wouldn't go so far as to let IT replace radiologists and pathologists as the article suggests but I do think we're on a new horizon of advancement in medicine that can give all of us hope in a bright and better future.