My Quit Date is Tomorrow

Discussion created by meldavis99 on May 13, 2018
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I have been somewhat preparing for this for a couple of months now, and have gone through a few different check lists to prepare...but always come up with an excuse to put it off. The one thing I was not doing all these times was telling people - partially because I have tried and failed previously and feel kind of silly telling people about something, only to relapse a few days later. 

But, with the last few attempts that turned into delays, I have realized that is one of the most important steps for me. So, I have told some people, am making an announcement tomorrow on my social media pages, telling my mom (most important, as she has been my biggest supporter in the past), and am really going to go for it. I think that is actually my first step in holding myself accountable. 

I have a quit buddy who may not be as serious about quitting as me (although she has been on and off the quit train a few times in the past year), but will absolutely help hold me to quitting when possible. 


I have made a list of triggers, have been abstaining while driving most of the time (kind of my force, as I have traveled a lot lately and have been in rental cars), have come up with a list of non-smoking activities that I'm keeping on me in a notepad. 


I have my last pack that will be destroyed (not just tossed) before I go to bed tonight, and have gotten rid of my ashtrays. I have cleaned and scrubbed areas with smoke residue (the car was a chore - I'll probably need to get it detailed this week), and one of my first-hand trigger supplements tomorrow will be laundry. 


 I have a water bottle to carry around, along with carrot sticks, some hard candy (although I don't want to rely on that), and have some tea tree/mint toothpicks coming in the mail tomorrow. The very first time I quit, for over 2 years, those helped the daily cravings a lot. 

I think I've prepared pretty decently this time, more so than I have in the recent past. I am going cold turkey, bc I've never really liked the replacement options. The patches were too intense (even at lowest dosages), and I'd honestly rather get the nicotine out of my system and start moving forward. 


Does anyone have any advice to give for additional steps, or how to get through the first day, and then week? I have read a lot of articles on the page so far, but am just getting around to looking at the community boards.