Thoracic Surgeon

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A very well known Thoracic Surgeon,  told my mom, to clean her lungs up, before surgery.  He said you have to stop smoking for 3 weeks, or I cannot do surgery.   The Surgeon told her the best clean air you can breathe is in your home. Clean your house, rid it of smoke etc.. 

She did have lung surgery 3 wks later.  4 months later she died.  56 young gone! 

He came to tell us after surgery  Perhaps a miracle could save her."  The cancer was all over her heart, lungs...

I do agree with him that the safest air you can breathe is in your home.  Not easy to do but doable".

Fresh air is heaven for sure.!! 

But inside your home can be the safest.  I thank the surgeon for that knowledge.  I'm glad my mom stayed indoors for 3 wks for her surgery.   It gave our friends and family 4 months to love, cherish, and do lots of laughter with her, before she went to Heaven.

  Food For Thought.