No smoking Not even a Thought Anymore  

Discussion created by Fee33 on May 4, 2018
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Haven't smoked since I left ex group I've been spending time with my family living life smoke free an loss alot of weight  I have loss weight with my new weightloss product I sell now I was 170 / 150 April 3-april 27 I loss that much weight if your interested in losing weight too message me are email me at FeliciaCook3284@gmail.com are add me on Facebook! (Felicia Cook)I love y'all all missed y'all all I've been doing great without cigarettes I drink only water I don't even have to exercise but I do like to walk to the park  all I do is eat protein an drink water intake that's it with my weight loss product I sell invest a week in yourself for $25.00 that's it I've been smoke free since my quit date on ex I lost count i deleted the app off phone about how many days I've been quit smoking bc I don't need it lol I'm so great oh guess what I am no longer type 2 diabetic anymore   my product I sell help me with my arthritis an being diabetic all Natural Ingredients