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This was a blog posted by  jennifer53 Aug. 27, 2009. It's entitled: WITH GREAT SHAME AND HUMILIATION I AM WRITING THIS POST. She nobly granted me permission to put it in here. It is a step-by-step Instruction Manual for Relapse and why we can never take just one puff.

Read and Heed it well gang. (The happy news is that she has jumped right back on the horse. I applaud her for doing so and for sharing this with us. Maybe, just maybe we'll learn something.)

Give her support y'all.

I tested the one puff law and lost. Of course. Duh. It started a week ago from today. It was girls night. Damn those girls nights! Out with my friends and after way to many shots I decided well hell...I've been quit for 80 days now, I really can have just one. Hahahahahahaha! (that was the nicodemon sitting on my shoulder and laughing because he realizes he is in control once again). I bought a whole pack at the bar because I cannot stand people who "bum" cigs. I bought the pack thinking I will have one out of it. How was the alcohol and nicodemon working as a team against me.

I did smoke just that one that night. On the way home I said man I gotta throw this pack away. I didn't want to throw it out of my car window because I hate littering. Well when I made it home I realized I couldn't throw it in my trash can either because surely my husband would see it and I would get in trouble, so I stashed it in my glove box with the intention of throwing it out the next day at work. Well the next day came and went and I completely forgot they were even in there.

Then came Saturday...two whole days later. My husband was out somewhere...I was home alone sitting on the porch reading a book and drinking a glass of wine. Out of nowhere the nicodemon comes and reminds me I have a pack of cigs in my car, really I should just go have one. So I did. Actually I had three before my husband came home. So now I was up to four cigs out of the pack. Oh boy did I feel really guilty. But again I stuck the pack back in my glove box instead of just throwing them away.

Then comes Sunday...husband gone again...I'd just finished cleaning the house doing laundry etc. and was ready to relax. Again I heard the nicodemon and obeyed his demand that I go have a cig. 5 cigs now. Rush to wash my hands and brush my teeth so my husband doesn't smell it on me when he gets home. Come Monday morning, I'm up waaaaay to early. Husband leaves for work at 4:30 am. I get up, make some coffee, watch the morning news, and oh boy would a cigarette just be great right now. So I go have one. Then another. 7 cigs now. Lunch hour at work...I have nothing to do. No errands to run, a whole hour with nothing to do. So I go find an empty parking lot, park my car and have a cig. Pray nobody sees me and tells my husband. Oh the shame. I am now a closet smoker. I feel dirty. 8 cigs. Tuesday the same routine, except two at lunch. 11 cigs. I realize...what happened to just smoking that one? So in between yesterday and lunch time today I finished the last 9 in the pack. 1 puff just turned into 1 pack. Maybe it is because I am young and somewhat naive, maybe it is because this was my first quit...but more likely it was just because I was so friggin hard headed and stupid that I truly believed I was different than everybody else and I believed I could have just one. So listen up newbies, I am a real and honest testimony - there is no such thing as just one!!!!!!! How easily did that 1 turn into a whole pack?!!! Waaaaaaaaaay to easy. So easy I didn't even have to think about it. So it is with great shame that I admit to everyone right here and now that I have to start over from day 1. One puff turned into another day 1. Do you remember how day 1 felt? Well here I am feeling it all over again because I did not heed the warnings. It is with great shame I go now to reset my clock and start again.

Much love.