A Man Was Walking Down A Road

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A Road He Hadn't Walked But Long Ago

He Thought He'd Like A Cigarette

He Caught Himself And Let That Go

The Future's Bright

As Bright As It Can Get

Then He Backtracked

And Had That Cigarette


His Armor Worn

From Fighting Many Fights

His Smell Is Stale

Follows Him Day And Night

He Won't Give Up

The Quest For Nicotine

He'd Lose It All

The Hope, The Future Dreamed


His Mind Is Closed

He Doesn't Hear The Truth

Conflicted Thoughts

As He Continues To

Smoke Life Away

Five Minutes Seem Sublime

Until The Day

It's Diagnosis Time


You Have The Chance

As Everybody Does

To Make The Choice

To Seek A Higher Cause

Than Nicotine

The Price You Have To Pay

May Be Your Life

Until You Truly Say....