Day 11 smoke free

Discussion created by Gargantua65 on Apr 22, 2018
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Hi everyone, thanks for reading and being part if you like of this tough journey. Started champix about a month ago and now I have not smoked for eleven days. I was a chain smoker. In 2010 I stopped for almost five years and one day, I smoked one thinking I could control ir and soon I was a chain smoker again. This time is being a roller coaster, on day 2, I had the quitters flu for three day. Then I have been able to identify the cravings and work them out but yesterday on my day 10, I was in tears most of the day, told a friend horrible things, - my period came too so you can imagine-, feeling anxious, frustrated, very low and depressed. The cravings were terrible but with the help of this friend and lots of inner strength, I was able to make it. I felt exhausted emotionally though, drained. Champix numbs some of the anxiety and anger but when a bad day comes  it's a huge test

I'm hoping I can make it but still feeling low, although not so much. 

Thanks everyone