Sad Day Today

Discussion created by IrishRose on Apr 22, 2018
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You guys who know me know I always had a nice size garden in our backyard.  Today I had to accept defeat.  With tears in my eyes, I had to stop my husband from pulling the tiller from the garage and have him take a cold hard look at the both of us and our lack of physical endurance.


Cannot believe I am sitting here crying, because I kept him from tilling the ground where we always planted, because he is not able to run the tiller with his back, and arthritis has me so eaten up that I would ache for days just from being out there to help plant it, pull weeds and pick from the bounty. 


Today is a sad day for me, and my husband - I think he was just doing it for me, knowing how much I loved playing in the dirt.


Thanks for listening.


Irish Rose