My Silly Cat

Discussion created by minihorses on Apr 15, 2018
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We have 4 cats right now and one is the biggest goofball of all.  His name is Osbourne (aka Ozzy, Oz, brat, s***head, damn cat, etc.) for several reasons.  He is a black cat and as a kitten he looked like a little black bear.  The name Osbourne means 'divine bear'.  When you held him on his back he would stick his paws up just like a baby bear does.  And of course being an all black cat he was also named for Ozzy Osbourne of Black Sabbath who earned the nickname of 'The dark prince of rock and roll'.  Just like Ozzy he has turned into a mischievous, funny guy. 

He is also called the 'cave bear' as he loves to be under sheets, blankets, etc.  I was sorting laundry and he was in the basket.  I added more and this is still where  he is: