Free for 30 Days

Discussion created by karenjones on Apr 15, 2018
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Well I am off to a new job and getting all packed up, I will have a room in the city where I work, but will return to my little home in the country on my days off. I am 30 days free of cigarettes and very happy about that, I have avoided 931 cigarettes , it hurts my lungs to even think of that. Mostly I am so happy about my head space, because I know that If I were still smoking I would  be seriously depressed about that. Everything about cigarettes is negative.  I hear people say that they would like to smoke a cigarette and I think 'you wouldddd???" Or someone who said 'cigarettes are my friend'.  That is like someone saying 'heroin is my friend'. I am real glad to know that cigarettes are not my friend. I do not crave to have them, nor do I believe in 'triggers'.  I am so greatful to be able to lay the depression down that comes with smoking cigarettes.  in the early days I used this forum alot. And it was very helpful. I won't be around much for a while, but that does not mean that I have relapsed or anything. Keep on Quitting.