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Nothing About Us Without Us: From time to time we are given an opportunity to participate in research and surveys where we need your voices.

This is one such time.  The COPD Foundation is working to help improve the access and availability of quality information about COPD diagnosis and treatment and to ensure new research makes it to those who can use it to improve COPD care.  We know there are gaps in information and availability of treatment, but we need your help in determining what those gaps are and how significant they seem from your perspective.  We are looking for a variety of people to help us with this survey – people with COPD, caregivers, family members, and healthcare professionals. 

Sign in with the link below and complete the survey, and then encourage others who fit the description above to complete the survey, too.  All patients and caregivers who complete the survey will receive an Amazon gift certificate voucher worth $10.00. Healthcare professionals who complete the survey will be entered in a drawing for one of several $100.00 gift cards.  [Source COPD Foundation]