Got Any Cool Pictures Of You Smoking?

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We Smoked To Be Cool, Right?

      There Were No Smartphones In The Late 60's Early 70's And Film Wasn't Cheap So, People Weren't Constantly Snapping Pictures In This "Era."

      In The 40 Years I Smoked, There Are Very Few Pictures With Me And A Cigarette.

      I Guess I Really Didn't Think Smoking Was That "Cool" Because I Actually Avoided Having Pictures Taken With Me Smoking.

This Picture: Leroy And Dale

      We Were Doing A Group Photo Shoot In Frankenmuth, MI.

I Didn't Know The Picture Was Being Taken As We Were Setting Up A Shot And Not Everyone Was In Place.

      So Smoking Wasn't So Cool But, It's Still A Cool Picture

Do You Have Any Smoking Picture You Would Care To Share?