Triggered! ♥

Discussion created by emilyt123078 on Apr 10, 2018
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I was having my weekly get-together with a friend of mine. We're both going through quits of sorts. We realized as we were talking that quitting bad behavior and exchanging that for something better, no matter what the new behavior is takes about 2 months. I agree. The last time I quit, it took about 2 months before I realized I wasn't thinking about cigarettes every single moment of the day. She has issues with procrastination, specifically with large tasks.

She decided to research patterned behavior and found out that the first step in change is wanting change. The second is to make a plan of action, the third is to have something GOOD to replace the bad behavior by implementing a behavior that is good or healthy behavior. Today, I tried it out since I happen to come across a stray cigarette that was in the back of a cabinet. I saw it and of course, had that thought of smoking it. Instead, I heard my friend's voice in my ear and tossed it in the garbage, then made a cup of hot chocolate instead. Anyway....I'm sitting here sipping it as I post this.

Today, if the urge to smoke surfaces, thank yourselves for quitting and something good to replace it with that is healthier...healthier and makes you happy.  Have a good Monday ♥