First Day, First Crave

Discussion created by Lakegirl73 on Apr 10, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2018 by Opidfght

9:30 Am, the magical time when I could walk away from my desk and enjoy a cigarette in the peacefulness of my car!

I don't- I breathe and exhale

9:37 Am Still breathing with a licorice stuck between my lips! 

9:40Am Need strength! Still breathing!

9:42 Going for a walk inside building, hoping this feeling subsides!

9:52am questioning my method after someone said to me, I am surprised you didn't just try weening yourself by one in the morning, one in afternoon and one at night! WELL THAT DOESNT HELP! That just made me think I could do just one and be fine! Someone please give me advice!! Before I take the rest of the day off, NyQuil my ass and go to bed the entire day!! Haha!