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Youngatheart gave me a place to look at all the things that affect dopamine (thank you, by the way).  Before I go further with that I have to say that as mentioned before I have experienced numbness and tingling in my feet, legs, hands and arms since I first started cutting back on the cigarettes.  I could only associate this with the lack of cigs!  And yesterday I looked at other blogs from people who have quit smoking and they talk a lot about the pain that I am experiencing.  Their symptoms are as bad as mine and seem to continue without end!  Mine just gets worse and worse.  It's better during the day after sleeping but as night comes around it gets worse!  I have always had some problems with insomnia but it certainly has gotten worse since I quit smoking.My doctor prescribed some medicine but I couldn't handle it. I recently started taking over the-counter melatonin which is a natural product made in  our brains which tells us it's time for sleep, and helps us sleep.  So, I've been taking that for weeks.  It usually helps put me to sleep but doesn't always keep me there long enough.  My doctor approved of taking this!  


The article about dopamine listed melatonin as one of the things which adversely affects dopamine!  So now I'm really not sure what to do!  Too many nights lately I have laid there trying to go to sleep while in all this pain so I take more melatonin and it puts me to sleep, but I usually wake up too early and the sun coming up earlier now doesn't help so today I woke up at 6:15am after getting to sleep probably around 1 am.  


If anybody has other answers or insight I would appreciate hearing from you!  Thanks!