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Question asked by PRAIRIEROSELADY on Apr 8, 2018
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I'm asking, how many people that quit:  Out of the blue, came down with different medical issues

due to the stress their immune system is under right now ????? Busy trying to Heal Itself?????


I haven't felt to good lately. Massive fatigue. Some nights sleep well and others,not really. Body running

hot and cold.... Out of the blue, I got a boil. Haven't had one since a kid. Then another and another.

1st. 3 are in the same general area. Number 4 appear on Friday in my armpit. 2 have healed. 2 haven't

yet. Looking online, I find all 4 are in areas of the body where the Lympathic system is heavily located. 


This past week,several mornings, eyes were badly mattered, indicating allergies acting up.

Then several times my ears were plugged up. A tickle in my throat, but not truly sore throat. 

My body bouncing between Hot and Cold. Runny nose, but clear drainage.This morning sinus

pressure around sinuses. Then came sinus headache.  I ache all over. Above and beyond my

daily chronic pain.  I would say,I picked up a virus in capitol city last week. Had the dental and

shopping errands.


I've pulled my supplements out and started on them. Lysine and Enchincea. Took Aleve for the pain

and Zertec for the other symptoms. I am very medication sensitive and limited to what I can take.

I've made a gallon of chicken veggie,rice,noodle soup.  Will eat that until I perk up......

I've had a compromised immune system for decades. I've managed that issue pretty well for the

last 20 yrs.


Frosting on the wicked cupcake today is: it was snowing when I drug myself out of bed this marning.

Plenty wind making visiblity poor and on verge of being a blizzard. 2-4" are forcast.......Started reading

the book: Freedom from Nicotine-The Journey Home .... just to stay busy......