The Second Stress Trap

Discussion created by Giulia Champion on May 7, 2008
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You're going through a tough time. Could be a rough relationship, the death of a loved one, family feuds. You emotions are running rampant, you're feeling incredibly vulnerable and Nasty Nico is whispering sweetly in your ear "come on, come get me, I'll make you feel better, I'll soothe your hurt, calm you, take away your frustrations. Just go buy a pack. You won't smoke the whole thing, just enough to soothe you. It'll probably make you feel dizzy anyway and you won't like the taste any more...."

Yadda yadda yadda you're HOOKED. It's that simple.


Don't reach for that cigarette.  Don't go to that store you've always gone to in order to get your "fix."  Don't bum one from that friend.  Don't smoke the one you just found in your coat pocket that's you'd forgotten about.  Don't pull out that "saved" pack just for occasions like this.  Just don't.  Think very carefully first.  Stop it all in tracks right now.  It's your choice. YOU have the power to stop it.  Just make the choice you've already chosen by coming to this site.  You here because you want to be free from this addition.  Keep choosing that.  And and ask yourself - "Do  really want another day one?" 


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