Each of US is Special!

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And so are our needs, our circumstances and our COPD. Doctors tend to treat COPD the same. You go through the same algorithms whether you have a cough, shortness of breath, wheezing, overweight, underweight, edema,'s the same thing over and over.

But my COPD is not your COPD, We may have some things in common like lung capacity for example but the disease is still unique to each of us. 

Try to get to know your own personal brand of COPD as best as you can and advocate for your treatment with all medical personnel. You are a Team but it's your body and that makes you the Captain of the Team!

Future of COPD Management: Precision Medicine 

Here recently I've had a lot of pushback from my medical team saying that my symptoms begin and end with anxiety. I do have anxiety - no question! So when I seek medical attention Doctors tend to give me more Ativan, or Celebrex or Buspar and send me on the way.

I make the judgment! Last week I went to the ER after having been given more anxiety meds by my general practitioner. Anxiety did not cause my coughing spasms! I had pneumonia! I was given lidocaine to drink (yuck!) fentanyl for the pain and zofran for the fentanyl. Then I was given the prednisone I should have gotten in the first place and antibiotic.

Had I been a good little patient my pneumonia no doubt would see me in the hospital by now. Buspar doesn't help pneumonia!

Educate, Advocate, stay in control! 

It's your body, your LIFE, your consequences!

[I don't give I darn what the Doctors think of me! I know ME!]