The one puff lie

Discussion created by karenjones on Mar 27, 2018
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I don't have to worry about not smoking tomorrow or the next day or in 5 weeks or 2 years. I just have to be vigilant about one puff. I am lucky that I live in the country and the stores close early and cigarettes are not available then. I don't dare go into a grocery store, because they sell cigarettes there. Luckily I stocked up on food and milk and bread and coffee and soups. and tomatoes and parsley and cheddar. I am fortunate that I do not want to smoke. I have believed the one puff lie before, 3 times to be exact, so it is not going to fool me again. Now I am hyper alert for what might fool me again. i need to relax. but I am not going to smoke to do that. Eleven days quit and it feels like day 3. Tomorrow is another day. and a day Won is a million times better than a Day One. Thanks folks, for sharing your struggles and victories. It has sure helped alot. Alot.