Celebrating My Journey

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Like to Thank, Freedom  Train  for mentioning my 50 days yesterday.     

I so appreciate all the Elders,all Exer’s and the Site offer Us!!!!!!   God Bless Each and Everyone of You!



Treated myself to a layered haircut today. I kept my long length but had layers put in to take some of the weight off my heavy hair and restore my natural curl.   My sister,neice,daughter and granddaughter all try to pull the natural curl out!!! I try to keep mine ..... Tell them women pay big bucks to have curls.  


Anyway for my future milestones, I’ve lined up some more repairs for my old farmhouse.  Also having bathroom, entry and living room painted..... So FOLKS I will be a NOPE forever!    I’ve Spent my money on things that last longer than a Sickerette.  


Posting a pic of my new haircut and the  

Princess of the Ponderosa, Miss Mazy. 


I hope of you are thinking about what you can use your extra cash for.   ????????



I’ve been since Saturday night without a patch. Fell off in shower, was waiting until regular time to reapply.  I slept 12 hrs. was so exhausted.   Forgot Sunday night, so then decided to see what would happen if I left it off.  I am making it without a patch!!!!!   If you are surprised So am I........

51 DOF.  Prairie