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Discussion created by indingrl on Mar 16, 2018
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Those STAYING quit SUGGESTED to ME.... educated YOURSELF on YOUR nicotine USING... they said stay close they said read the blogs and blog BEFORE you take that first puff so WE can HELP they said blog about anything as long as YOU do NOT TAKE THAT FIRST PUFF OVER YOU they said go to and watch the videos on early death or read the articles or read the FREE BOOK by Joel titled NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF... so by Gods grace I took the SUGGESTIONS given and have been sharing the love ever since with ALL here to be HELPFUL just like those who HELPED ME... ONE DAY at a time... please take what HELPS and let go of the REST to be helpful is MY only aim thank you.... MY early RECOVERY I STAYED on this site EVERYDAY for MY FIRST 90 DAYS I didnt KNOW how to STAY QUIT... I quit and used and quit and used... I surrender to MY Higher Power who is God for ME and took the SUGGESTIONS of those here that STAYED and thats what I tried THEIR NEW IDEAS not mine...please keep coming BACK and please BLOG BEFORE YOU USE...thank you!