I Know This Is Not A News Flash

Discussion created by anaussiemom on Mar 12, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2018 by Kimshine

1. This is the worst part of committing, to myself to stop SMOKING!!  I know we all have urges when we get to a place that sells cigs; To have a fleeting flash to buy a pack.

2. Damn,  having a store so close by me, is killing me to take flight.  
Hubby has keys from the car/ His support, that I have asked for...  I really would like the keys back!  Don't trust myself yet.  kinda isolating. 

3. Running across the  street can't see it happening physically, speaking, because of COPD. 
I do diversions all day long not to think about that store fighting the craves with positives. 
Lord will I, ever stop feeling like a junkie?
  As far as FLIGHT goes?  Being so dern close to me  (store)
. Seeing it out all most all  the windows in our home !!!!!! Gah.!

4.The Addiction and Commitment  seem to mix like oil and water. 

5.  Serious! Exactly how I feel on my epic bike. It works for a lil" while.
Bad ankle so waiting for Trampoline sometime this week....stomp out those crap receptors, I hope.
I feel like my self control is at a low minimum.

6.  Anything easy on the ankles?   To long of a story for the ankle issue.  Not to mention my house is 3 long stairways. We utilize the whole house.  So it gets tough walking up and down to potty, letting furbaby out, and laundry.

What is good, besides the trampoline I've heard.  Any ideas??