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Discussion created by Lisaml on Mar 10, 2018
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What we tend to focus on is what we tend to create. 


If we dwell on the negatives, the people who disappoint us, the hurts and frustrations, we create feelings of despair. We feel trapped in darkness. like in a dark hole that we can not seem to climb out of.

We all have been hurt. We all have been disappointed and we have disappointed others, or ourselves. It's what we choose to do with these experiences that determines our outcomes. Do we allow negative experiences to wash us away? To beat us down? Or do we allow them to add another layer of armour to ourselves. Another layer of strength- to use ourselves, or pass on to others. 

Even negative experiences can make us stronger, and help us grow. It's just a matter of looking for the lesson. 

Use your embattled self to create GOOD in this world. Take the lessons you've learned from being hurt and allow them to strengthen you. Maybe to empower someone else when they feel vulnerable. 

Its easy to feel pity for ones self. We hurt, we feel sad, that life is somehow "unfair" or that our lives are somehow lacking. 

But what we tend to focus on is what we tend to create. 

So take whatever you're feeling today, and go create something awesome today!!!!!